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Vision and Christian Values


with our values; Friendship, Kindness, Trust, Hope, Forgiveness and Creativity.
These Christian Values form the framework on which we build our whole school community: embedded in our actions, our planning and our policies. They shape our aims, our character, our ethos and our experience of teaching and learning.
Through Collective Worship and R.E. children learn about the life and teachings of Jesus, and how these affect the lives of those who follow them. They will find out what the Bible means to Christians and reflect on what it means to them.  The school follows the Christian calendar and shares celebrations with the church community in our village churches; school families are always invited to join in these celebrations.
Children also visit the churches as part of their wider curriculum and church members support the school with various activities.
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We are here to show compassion and love for everyone, we are to love others regardless of their race or religion; the criterion is need. If they have need and we have the ability to meet the need, then we are to give generously and freely, without expectation of return. We nurture, for them to flourish.  

The inclusion of the Icthus symbol is an explicit statement of the fact that all of our vision is set in the context of God’s creation. The Ancient Greek word for fish is Icthus and the constituent letters spell out the first letters of Jesus Christ God’s Son Saviour.
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Our Curriculum Intent Statement
Flushing C of E Primary School uses the National Curriculum as a basis to plan units of work with a cross-curricular, thematic approach which is meaningful and engaging for the children.
The school curriculum has two elements; to provide opportunities for all pupils to achieve; and to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and prepare all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.
At Flushing, there is an emphasis on experiential learning, including the opportunities for outdoor activities, visits, visitors and cross-curricular links, leading to an immersive approach where the children take ownership and develop a love of learning.
Flushing C of E Primary School
Where we make every moment count.