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Pastoral Care and Medicines

Pastoral Care


When an illness is suspected, parents are contacted by telephone and arrangements are made for the child to be collected.


In case of emergency, a telephone contact number must be provided for every child as hospitals are sometimes unwilling to administer treatment if a parent is not present.


The staff and children are taught safe practices, which include Risk Assessments for Health and Safety.

Accidents during school hours are entered in the Accident Book.

Parents and visitors are asked to use the main entrance and report to reception. There is a signing in book for visitors.

Whilst in our care, no child may leave the premises without permission and adequate supervision.

Children should be taken and collected from the school gate whenever possible. If you have made arrangements for someone else to collect your child, please make sure that the school is informed of this.

Parents whose children travel on the ferry to Falmouth are reminded of the dangers that unaccompanied children may meet on the road and on the ferry itself. The ferry is not a school or Cornwall County Service, and people who operate it are not required to have a CRB clearance. Therefore parents must assess the risks of a water based journey to school themselves.

Children who travel on the ferry on a daily basis, both am and pm, must be signed on to Walking Bus, run by the school under the umbrella of the Local Authority. In the case of an accident involving any child not on the Walking Bus, the school cannot be held responsible. Further details and an application form to join the Bus are available from the office.

All children are made aware of how to leave the building safely in an emergency and we have regular fire drills. Each class has its own designated door for access to the school. This prevents overcrowding in communal areas.


Current legal requirements mean that we cannot administer (or allow on site) any medication to children unless we have a signed and completed administration form (available from the office). The medication has to be a prescription drug and it must be in its original container, with dosage labels still attached.

It is impossible to guarantee that teaching staff will always be able to administer medication on a regular basis, therefore in some cases parents may have to administer the medication themselves (parents can also come into administer non-prescription medication). Please let us know if your child has any serious allergies or medical conditions. Cough sweets or lozenges are not allowed in school.