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School Links

Links with the Community

Flushing C of E Primary School is at the heart of village life and maintains very strong links with the village and with the wider community. Opportunities are given to the children to be a part of the village community as well as experiencing activities further afield, introducing them to new experiences and to meeting new people.

The children take a full and active part in events held in the village, including fundraising activities and Regatta Week. They are encouraged to use the beaches and historical aspects of the village for investigation and research, and are delighted to invite locals to come in and share their expertise and experiences with them. Specific workshops, and visits from the Police and rescue services are arranged regularly. Different locations in the village are used regularly for activities, i.e. the Bowling Green for sports and the Village Club for PE, as well as holding services at St Peter’s Church. The children entertain friends and families at a musical concert and cream teas in the summer, carol singing around the village, delivering Harvest gifts as well as school plays. Funds are raised for the school by various village groups and associations.

The school gives children every opportunity to forge wider links. Visits are planned to local museums, art galleries and gardens. The whole school visits the Hall for Cornwall, in Truro to see the annual pantomime there, and is treated to the local panto in the village, which puts on a special performance just for us and gives all its profits to the school.

There is a strong link with Penryn College, and the other local primary schools, getting together for sporting events, creative and musical activities and residential trips.