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Healthy School

Please find below some of the things that we do.

  • Water bottles are free for new pupils, replacements are on sale from the office for £1. The children are encouraged to bring them to school at the start of the week and take them home for a clean on Fridays (infant water bottles stay in the classroom and are washed every week by a member of staff).
  • Tuck Shop is open every day, run by the children, to supply cold mid morning snacks. Vouchers are available from the office for 30p each. On other days the children can bring in their own healthy mid morning snack, fresh fruit and vegetables are best, but snacks without sugar are also acceptable (children staying to clubs can also bring in a small snack as outlined above, to consume at the end of the school day).
  • The children are not allowed to bring sweets or fizzy drinks on to the school site.