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Penryn Partnership

The Penryn Partnership
Links with Penryn College are strong, on an educational and sporting level. Through the Partnership the Staff have joined with the other feeder schools for both PE and ICT training, providing an opportunity to share expertise with colleagues. The Partnership is currently offering support through both specialist PE teaching and offering an extensive variety of after school sporting clubs. This means that our children have many more opportunities and we appreciate the value of this. It has also been possible to organise Governor Training through the Partnership which has enabled shared discussion to take place.

In Sports the children have the use of the College facilities and in previous years were invited to take part in Dance productions. College Staff teach the children specific skills in Sports during their visits to Flushing. There are also regular opportunities for joint performances.

Parents of Year 6 children are given the opportunity to visit Penryn College several times during their final year, to see and hear of the facilities available at the Secondary stage. In addition, the Head of Year 7 at Penryn College visits Flushing C of E Primary School several times in order to help towards a smooth transition.

In both Key Stage 2 Classes there is an opportunity to learn a foreign language. Thanks to the help and support of Penryn College, the children enjoy games, songs and video clips based on the ‘Early Start French’ syllabus taught by a French Teacher from the College.

Primary School Headteachers meet the Headteacher and certain Heads of Departments of Penryn College, at least once a term. A comprehensive transition package is in place for Year 6.