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Parent Survey

SA = Strongly Agree A = Agree D = Disagree SD = Strongly disagree DK = Don't know

Specific Questions

School homework– Do you think your child gets

too much 22%           the right amount 78%           not enough 0%

School childcare – Do you think the price is

too much 12%           the right amount 88%           not enough 0%

School reports– Do you think the amount of information is

too much 0%           the right amount 96%           not enough 4%

Response to points raised on some surveys:

Communication with parents > There is already a lot in place through the newsletter, parent mail and the website but the addition of a Facebook page might help to reach more people and faster. Response >The school is developing a page for September.

Information about pupil progress > A few comments questioned the way information was given out (more parent interviews, more on literacy/maths and more personalised comments). Response > There will be a consultation exercise with parents early in September to find out exactly what parents want to know and how often and in what form to guide reporting for the rest of the year.

Homework > Some want more, some want less, some want none at all. Response > We accept that we can’t please everyone on this and therefore we have to strike a happy medium. We do believe though that every child should be made to do what is set, as it is unfair on those children that do it all of the time to see some not do it at all. The My Maths online site is an area we can look at to see if it is still fit for purpose and also if some of the literacy tasks can be less reliant on parental input.

Childcare/Clubs > A few felt that there could be free teacher clubs after school or more clubs generally. Response > If we put any clubs on in competition for places with Thumbs Up Club, TUC would close tomorrow as it would not be viable. TUC has been open for 9 years, 8 out of 9 years it has returned a loss (the one profit year was only a gross profit). Teachers putting their time and activities into TUC keeps it open and provides a valuable service for parents, one that is not provided in all schools, even bigger schools. For September we will review the activities offered in TUC and see what else can be provided.

Outdoor Learning > A few responses asked if there could be more of this and more consistently used across classes. Response > We are currently reviewing our curriculum and looking at building this in and other life experiences. The development of the Pavilion and a garden will assist this.

Restorative Justice > One response suggested using it within the school discipline system. Response > A member of staff is booked on a 6 session course on this during the Autumn term and she will feedback what she learns to the staff.